Does your heart sink when you're asked to make "small changes" to your ASP.NET applications?

"Small" changes take days, and you simply can't turn requests around quickly enough....

You know the feeling; a boss/customer/product owner calls and says:

"This is just a small change, I can't imagine it would take more than half an hour or so?" And your heart sinks, because you know what these "small" tweaks actually entail.

You've done this dance many times before.

If you're lucky, you can locate the relevant ASP.NET controller, but you know that's only the start.

As you dive further and further through your application's layers into the depths of your codebase, you begin to question your life choices.

Wait, didn't I see this service already? UserManagerFactory again?! Maybe the ManagerRepositoryHelper has the answer.

3 hours later, you're knee-deep in your Data Access Layer, desperately trying to figure out where this "small tweak" needs to be made, wondering if it's lunchtime yet.

Do you need all those layers? It doesn't have to be this way! You can skip a lot of this pain by leveraging the idea of "vertical slices".

When you build and architect your application around individual features, using vertical slices, magical things start to happen!

  • You always know exactly where to look for the code that makes any given feature tick
  • You get to work with (and write) simple code
  • When it comes to implementing new features you get to focus on the feature (not mountains of boilerplate code)
  • You can use tests to be confident your feature actually does what the user/customer wants it to do (imagine that!)
  • You can get all your work done in a few hours and bunk off early (OK, maybe not, but it's good to dream...)

Discover vertical slices for yourself

I've been using vertical slices for several years now, and have come to really appreciate their simple, yet powerful elegance.

Now I'm delighted to share that experience with you so you can enjoy the feeling that comes from knowing you can turn any feature request into working software (and still understand the code when you come back to it in 6 months!)

"From Layers to Vertical Slices" will get you up and running in just a few hours. Read it today and you can start using vertical slices to simplify your code tomorrow.

From Layers to Vertical Slices

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Discover how to architect your app in a way which makes it easier to refactor and maintain over time.

  • Instant online access
  • PDF downloadable version
  • Bonus video series on refactoring a legacy app (from WebForms to Blazor) using the slices approach

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