A brief overview of what we need

We need you to build us a simple V1 of our online store.

Nothing fancy but we're thinking these are the minimum features we could probably do with.

  • View our extensive range of merchandise
  • Drill down into the details of specific products
  • Add items to a shopping cart
  • View/edit the shopping cart
  • Checkout as a guest (not all visitors will have user accounts)
  • Register as a user
  • Checkout as a registered user

And for taking payments (because, well, we're not a charity!) we're going to start off using Stripe so we can get something up and running quickly.

In terms of look and feel, we'll be using Bootstrap to get something functional up and running, but hey, if you have ninja CSS/design skills and want to push the boat out, feel free, we'll look forward to seeing what you've got!

Technology wise we'd like to use ASP.NET Core for the backend (API calls) and React.js for the frontend.

What's that? Not used React.js before?

No problem, here's the two minute intro... (click the button to continue)

<< Welcome to the team!